kiddie drawings.

yeondoo jung's recreations of children's drawings.


first roll.

a few photos from my 1st roll of film in my brand spankin new diana.
still tryin to figure out how to use it correctly. and i really need a flash.

when i grow up i want to be a kid.

back in the day my little sister had this on VHS and ive currently got a song from it stuck in my head.. specifically the lyrics "when i grow up i wanna be a kid, i wanna have some fun and stay forever young." i was about to have a lengthy rant about growing up because it is something im having to come to terms with more often lately but as i was thinking i remembered a recent conversation and how a friend stated at the risk of sounding cheesy "i love life." well.. as i told her, its not cheesy its true. and something im working to remind myself of more often.
and boy how theyve grown up.



childhood dreams relived.

some real creative geniuses over bonbon trading.


food coloring.

05.04.09 by Corey Holms.
04.27.09 by Corey Holms.
05.11.09 by Corey Holms.
04.30.09 by Corey Holms.
found on flickr. click title for link.


-- Auguste Rodin.

The artist must create a spark before he can make a fire and before art is born, the artist must be ready to be consumed by the fire of his own creation."


her work is amazing.
especially her film work.
check her out. seriously.
in those two photos the model was wearing some jewelry from my personal collection.
and this model is wearing my scarf.
and more of my favorite vintage chains.

my brain.


jose morraja.

totally obsessed with this photo of his.



finally finished!!!

what the necklace was a week or two ago.



well last year i saw some of nick caves soundsuits on display in a gallery.. crazy amazing dr suess-esque things.
and last night i saw a live performance with the suits.. mind blowing. i wish there was a way to fully share what i saw but it was one of those you had to be there kind of things.
his work is quite amazing.

and some of my horrible attempts to capture last nights magic...


liesbet bussche.

liesbet bussche is a genius.
kills me i didn't think of it first though, jewelry and street art together.



granulated rings.

finally finished with the project of teaching myself granulation, and lemme tell ya.. its much much harder than it looks to fuse metal together without solder and without melting everything.
but.. i ended up with two simple little rings so im happy.



though its a maybe bit odd as a jeans ad, i do enjoy it.

two jacks.

jack skellington - the nightmare before christmas.
pirate - james and the giant peach.

nightmare came first.. so i assume the pirate was a throwback to jack?


did you know.

to extract enough gold to make one ring there is an excess waste of 2 TONS of rock.
so by recycling and melting down just one ring, 2 tons of rock waste are saved.



Heinz: Jewels, 2
tomatoes. pasta. jewelry.


red hot chili peppers.

hopefully making these little buggers into silver peppers.


praying to the granulation gods.

granulation: the process of fusing tiny metal spheres of gold or silver to a surface of the same metal in a decorative pattern. It is an ancient technique that produces a beautiful, delicate effect.
for whatever reason.. i thought this would be a good idea to try it. wish me luck. and check out these pieces by Katherine Swift.