the reasons ive been so absent as of late.

i spend all day, just about every day with these too darlings.
water balloon fights, dino chicken nuggets, football in the rain, filming our own zombie movies... i love my job.


oh russell brand...

"i aint never really had much fun. i particularly dislike pre-ordained happy occasions. i dont mind christmas so much, because everyones involved, as long as theyre christians or lazy atheists, or muslim but into tinsel. but ive never had a good new years eve and i dont like birthdays or any other time when youre meant to be happy. im against the prescription of say 'ooh, its christmas o'clock. smile everyone!' for me happiness occurs arbitrarily: a moment of eye contact on a bus, where all at once you fall in love; or a frozen second in park where its enough that there are trees in the world. i dont like new years eve. i dont think bliss could ever be preceded by a countdown and the chiming of a pompous clock, unless thats what deaths like."

took the thoughts right out of my brain.

sorry for the lack of posts as of late. ive been a busy busy bee.


christopher and suzanne sharp.

their amazingly beautiful london home.
exactly like i want my home.
via vogue.


the end.

finally photos from the school of design grad show.
and graduation.


what a show.

yacht puts on an amazingly entertaining live show.
especially for this song with the whole crowd singing along.


finally got to see a store.

i love vosges haut chocolate and was finally able to make it to one of their stores out in lincoln park.

the dark chocolate and bacon is very different but delicious.
and ive never had their brand of chocolate tortilla chips, but i bet they are as wonderful as the rest of their chocolate treats.


a few from the last roll of film i got developed.

tybee island.
my deer friends.
lynn's farm with her amazing jewelry studio.


wicker park for the weekend.

do division street fest 2010.
should be a grand ole time. even if it rains well make the best of it.



finally made it back to the chicago area. its been a crazy long week. its a strange feeling to be here, but here i shall reside until further notice, maybe 4 months, 4 years, 40 years... only time will tell. but in the meantime plenty of traveling shall occur.