photographs of old things.

So many photos of beautiful vintage jewelry


its that time of year again.

Renegade Craft Craft Fair!!!!

it was this past weekend. lots of wonderful art and some great snacks. i always look forward to the two renegades we get a year. i even picked up a few christmas presents this year.


carly waito.

smoky quartz.


more smoky quartz.


i feel like i had to have posted this before because her paintings are just amazing.


blue christmas.

a very cute little treasury featuring my blue pine branch necklace.


interesting shapes.

hopefully i can find something cool to make out of these.


extreme couponing.

okay not so extreme but its a start. everything on sale, and or coupon annnd used my target card. i really wish i had known back in college that you get 5% off everything with a target card.
if only some day i can get so good stores pay me, but i wouldn't buy 70 of everything.


getting in the groove again.

finally getting jewelry made again. this piece is now up on etsy and ill be soon to send a new batch of work to native cleveland.


And we are back online.

my hard drive crashed and my 1st macbook is now in apple heaven with my first iPod..


kane county flea market.

finally found a flea market in the area and got some good finds. i had never been to this one before but my oh my is it big and sure made me wish i had more money to spend and a truck to haul it away in.

a badass old school fan, that works, printers type blocks, an awesome indian head ring, a porthole window mirror, a scientific flower drawing and a pin up girl poster. a good day i'd say.

i went with a friend (she's better at the bargaining) but she has some photos of her work up as well as photos from the fair. check it out HERE @ youboughtwhatfromwho.blogspot.com


summer foods.

well my banana nutella ice cream didn't come out as perfect looking as in this photo, but it sure tastes good.
All you need is some over ripe bananas, no throwing them away finally! and some nutella.


Look what I just found over on Bona Drag..

new rings by designer Anna Sheffield.

I seriously need to save up 400 bucks so I can get this.

a very interesting setting on this one.

check em all out www.bonadrag.com


whenever i get to move again..

i need to have some kinda of closet office or organized armoire for my jewelry and crafty things.


sending out jewelry for a photo shoot in new york tomorrow! too excited.


so where can i find myself one of these?

that isn't totally over priced?...

ive seen similar things at jc pennys and such and it is perfect, keeps your jewelry in sight, not tangled, there a mirror on the front, but why when i find such things do they cost a fortune?


wishing i was here.

one thing im totally bummed about not being able to experience this weekend, the high line. part 2 just opened up thursday, and its old high line tracks that have been long abandoned and now turned into parks/pathways/gardens and it looks just fabulous.