getting in the groove again.

finally getting jewelry made again. this piece is now up on etsy and ill be soon to send a new batch of work to native cleveland.


And we are back online.

my hard drive crashed and my 1st macbook is now in apple heaven with my first iPod..


kane county flea market.

finally found a flea market in the area and got some good finds. i had never been to this one before but my oh my is it big and sure made me wish i had more money to spend and a truck to haul it away in.

a badass old school fan, that works, printers type blocks, an awesome indian head ring, a porthole window mirror, a scientific flower drawing and a pin up girl poster. a good day i'd say.

i went with a friend (she's better at the bargaining) but she has some photos of her work up as well as photos from the fair. check it out HERE @ youboughtwhatfromwho.blogspot.com