so where can i find myself one of these?

that isn't totally over priced?...

ive seen similar things at jc pennys and such and it is perfect, keeps your jewelry in sight, not tangled, there a mirror on the front, but why when i find such things do they cost a fortune?


wishing i was here.

one thing im totally bummed about not being able to experience this weekend, the high line. part 2 just opened up thursday, and its old high line tracks that have been long abandoned and now turned into parks/pathways/gardens and it looks just fabulous.


knock it off modcloth.

why do you have to always be tempting me to your website with pictures of fabulous clothes in the corner of my facebook page. ::sigh:: if only i could afford the bathing suit.



graffiti in chicago.

taking a snack break at crocodile during do division fest.

our giant SHOOP beers in michigan.

building an ant city in wicker park.

more like "i sad face new york"..

after waiting a few hours for our train to NYC, and hearing it could be delayed 6 hours or longer, we made the heart breaking decision to cash in our tickets n say it was best to go another time. the trip i had planned was a short one already and after a 20 hour train ride, loosing one of the precious few days we had wasn't worth it, so here's hoping that i finally get out there soon.

also sorry for the insane lack of posting, i have been training and switching to a new position at work and it is kicking my butt to say the least.