im featured in an etsy treasury.

CreaShines was kind enough to add me to the Under 20 Pounce! {Treasury Challenge}
fingers crossed that i make my 1st sale soon.



breakfast of champions.

with fall weather upon us this seemed the perfect choice for breakfast.
ive never seen these choco chip ones but they look delicious.

and after seeing a review in the food network mag i had to find perky jerky and upon going to their website found a retailer near me. 


new additions to the etsy shop.

electro-formed acorn pendants.



my little sisters homecoming dance.

she let me style her so i whipped up a necklace, let her borrow a purse and did her makeup. shes growing up so fast. kinda scary stuff.



finally started an etsy. heres to hoping i can sell some jewelry!
ive only got like 4 pieces up... but ill have more soon. heres a few of the ones up already.



having a terrible time deciding on a header for my etsy...

the 1st one is more me..

but the 2nd one is a bit more streamlined...

im thinking about goin with this maybe?...


well hello there autumn.

not ready for summer to be over but im excited for my 1st fall in 4 years.

found this funky plant on my bike ride.
might be able to make some cool jewelry out of it.


in workin on my own etsy..

... i got distracted and found some goodies.

set of bow rings by uncommon

spine necklace by lilliancrowe

squid necklace by theinkling


after 2 weeks. 9 states. and over 3,000 miles...

im home.
and now its time to get back to blogging, making jewelry and job hunting.


been gone longer than expected.

ended up in savannah much longer than expected. but it was nice to see some familiar faces and that beautiful city.
off to renegade now. heres to hoping the weather clears up.


fingers crossed!

been busy as a bee working on elecrtoforming all types of things.
and finishing up lots and lots of etched pieces.

all in hopes of getting accepted into art vs. craft this year.
and now.. i wait.