borrowing a friends wisdom for a while.

ill be making a necklace out of these for a friend soon.



new listings on kendalcroix.etsy.com

ugh i need to keep on keepin on with this being productive and getting jewelry actually made.


new arrivals at native cleveland.

got a hand full of pieces sent out including these new ones.


winner winner chicken dinner.

i was laquering these bones for a necklace and i like how they look laid out that way.
i may need to find a way to create a necklace/body chain/harness that keeps them in that layout.


fancy fast food.

all these crazy food makeovers are made from fast food meals re-arranged without anything added to make a much more appealing dining experience. and as the website says... "yeah its still bad for you - but see how good it can look"

Osso BuKko (Fancy BK Fire-Grilled Ribs)

Chicken Cordon Deux (Fancy KFC Double Down)
yes.. even a double down can look delish.

Five Dollar Farfalle (Fancy $5 Footlong)



bang bang.

had some extra guns from making the back clasp on my bullet necklace and cleaned it up, took a while though with all the pits in it but i like imperfection.


jessica harrison.

how awesome are her 2010 pieces? i just love these.



new thing.

silver plated, copper electro-formed bone necklace on a vintage chain.



new years outfit. kind of.

wore the dress but swapped the velvet studded coat for my leather one.


doin' a DIY.

how cool is this idea for a jewelry display from bluebirdheaven on etsy.
only downside.. i dont have 118 + shipping to drop on something like this after having to get my car fixed a few weeks back, but if i can find a cheap printers drawer on etsy or ebay i should be able to do it myself.