as is sit here listening to the thunder..

i thought to myself, its a friday night, i wanna go out, and look cute, but dont want my shoes soaked, so high heel rain boots would be perfect.. and look what i found. 
now.. the real question RED or BLACK?!?!
black would match everything but red would pop nicely....


help out a brilliant artist.

my best buddy is a wonderful photographer who could use you votes to recognize the amazing things she does with her cameras. check her out.


i found THE cutest ETSY shop.

first i found this amazing BLT sandwich pillow set.

then i saw these adorable PB&J ones.

oh and you can get customized names, how cute is that?

theres even sweet bow ties. the boyfriend has been wanting some cool ones for quite some time now.

 you can even get iron on bacon.....

check em out diffraction fiber.


longman and eagle.

more like who doesn't?
such a cool little bar/restaurant. went for the first time last weekend.

annnd they now have adorable little rooms you can rent out. i want to go to there.