newest addition to my shop.


annnnd. SOLD. my blue stuff goes fast, guess i should make more?

dance dance dance.

bought a few of these cute vintage cake toppers at an antique shop the other week that i can't wait to make jewelry out of.


today is the boy's golden birthday.

and we had to hit up the photobooth at rainbow club last night.


Saw my jewelry on fox 8 cleveland.

Native Cleveland, where my jewelry is sold, was featured on the station and i caught a glimpse of my stuff. totally exciting.


i cant seem to get the video to embed but check it out from the link above. but heres some screenshots:


for my valentine.

taught myself how to cross stitch. made this for the boy.
found it on ETSY from bombastitch in a DIY kit. so cool.


when did disposables become so expensive?

building a fire in the fireplace months and months ago.

giant flower garden.

kat slayr.


teeth from the bottom of the sea.

finished my friend's wisdom teeth, electro-formed and treated with a patina.
i love that blue.


stole their souls.

found him in a box of old photos at an antique shop last weekend.


i knew i wasn't finished.

added gold touches in the corners, its subtle but the space doesn't feel so empty now.



changing up the etsy site a bit.



selected for an etsy treasury.

my bone necklace in a hansel and gretel treasury.


rob sheffield.

what is love? great minds have been grappling with this question through the ages, and in the modern era, they have come up with many different answers. according to the wester philosopher pat benatar, love is a battlefield. her paisan frank sinatra would add the corollary that love is a tender trap. the stoner kids who spent the summer of 1978 looking cool on the hoods of their trans ams in the pierce elementary school parking lot used to scare us little kids by blasting the sweet hit "love is like oxygen"- you get too much, you get too high, not enough and youre gonna die. love hurts. love stinks. love bites, love bleeds, love is the drug. the troubadours of our times all agree: they want to know what love is, and they want you to show them.

but the answer is simple. love is a mix tape.



last night there was snow, lighting and thunder. no joke.

digging snow and shoveling snow are two very different things...


un caldo inverno.

loving this color palate. 

oddly enough i currently have an old printers type drawer leaned against the wall in my living room..



im a sucker for good package design.

and i love salsa.

el paso chile co.  salsa, marinades, and juice blends by charles s. anderson design.

fruta del diablo by moxie sozo.

diablo by kelly thorn.