little tybee island.

had to take a boat to get out to the island where we went camping for the night. what a crazy adventure it was. a very surreal and primitive looking place.

and check out this amazing skull i found. fox maybe?


buenvenido a miami.

developed a disposable finally that had been floatin around my purse for a while.



emilio pucci. blue suede shoulder bag.
vionnet. draped black dress.
balenciaga. swimsuit black studs print.
balmain. redingote en cuir.
aurelie bidermann. pink gold vintage cuff.


sick for home.

when the robot slide still existed downtown.
and back before my neighborhood was fully finished.
and the rocket ship slide was still there.
the one without roof tiles yet may be mine...

driving jams.

back from miami. back to reality.


some snapshots.

before these got turned in.
enameled pieces and vintage chain.
this guy needs some more work.
comments in critique were that the colors were too alarming, maybe ill electro-form the charms and enamel them a neutral color?
perfume bottles and a rose.


the high life.

another piece done.

as usual, sorry for the shitty photos, gotta get my work photographed professionally soon.


its done its done its done.

finally... i wanted this piece to come out exactly as i had envisioned and after much trial and tribulation its finished.


spring break broke.

only a week away, a very long week away and all i can think about is shopping.



the state of my bedroom often reflects the state of my mind.

thanks finals...

trying to figure out how to make this brooch look more finished.