fashion illustrations.

so beautiful. could look at her work all day.



lazy daisy.

finally finished another piece last night. i know its terribly hard to see from this picture but if you click on it, its gets a lil bigger.
and this mornin i walked over to the park to check out the farmers market and picked up some of the prettiest eggs.


current contemplation.

trying to figure out how the heck i want to make this into a necklace. current options: hand make a chain, cut out shaped linkages to attach together, or maybe just forge a collar piece.. hmm. lots of thinking to do and a long 2 weeks ahead.


sick and layin on the couch.

finally caught this sickness that seems to be goin around and ive barely left my couch lately. i was watchin project runway and i am in LOVE with this shirt.



i want every one of these.

sarah cihat makes the most wonderful plates in her rehab collection. she takes old or unwanted dishware and puts a new glaze a top them giving them another life. if i could afford it, these would be the only plates i owned.


party buses.

vans and the places where they were. joe stevens.


one down.. many more to go.

its going to be a crazy 3.5 weeks trying to work on my collection but at least i have my doorplate brooch finished. also, the color in this photo sucks.

on friday i went to an entrepreneurial seminar/lecture thing and i have decided that somewhere down the road i for sure want to have my own business or work with a friend or two.


paying my respects.

to a brilliant designer.

fashion will never be the same.


what made for a fabulous friday night.


gawd im gonna miss art school...


sometimes you get what you pay for.

2 dollar shoes.. and the fuzzy part (the darker green color) started rubbing off, so i went with it and rubbed a bunch off and added some rhinestone shoe clips.

1st piece in my collection?

pulled the plastic cabachon off this antique hair pin and made my own with a wasp nest and wasp.. part of my senior collection? if not ill just wear it to my show.



best custom letters of 2009 via flavor wire