been back home for almost 3 months and still not fully unpacked.
took care of clothing quite some time back but my jewelry and art supplies have been a nightmare.


one of the things im best at.

finding great things and good deals at thrift stores.
picked this amazing piece up today for 7 dollars. i love it.


man man. poor jackie.

this has been stuck in my head all week.
i wish i had gone to see them live the other year. i bet it is a wonderful show.


pamela love.

well its love indeed. these new pieces by pamela love are wonderful.
i think i may try and work on some bigger pieces similar to this soon myself.


haunted things.

ohh the haunted life i lead.

saw old town tatu in chicago on scariest places in america 2.
 i remember going there back in high school, my best friend got her first tat there.

volcano masaya in nicaragua. saw this on gates of hell (apparently it is in fact a gate to hell) as well as this general area was on ghost hunters international.
i went and visited nica a few weeks a couple years back and went to the top of this volcano.

and good ol savannah georgia, most haunted city in the country. i lived there for the past 4 years. 

strange coincidences involving my life and haunted places...

cheeseburger cheeseburger.

if you have yet to catch on that i love cheeseburgers.. heres more proof.
made these adorable tiny burger cookies for my family bbq saturday and they turned out to be quite a hit at the party.


cant decide what to do with this dress..

bought it for a few bucks at a thrift store and dont know what to do..
1- leave it long, i dont have any long formal dresses but im afraid it wont get enough use and may look to 90s
2- shorten it to make more of a cocktail dress, i could use it more but i almost feel like it looks too business-like

decisions decisions.


cant say why i really need this..

but i just do. its so darn cute. little acorn speaker...

i keep finding lots of wonderful things at delight.com.


"being cool is mostly ridiculous, and so is sugared cereal...

thats why we like it."

well sex, drugs and cocoa puffs - Chuck Klosterman, has kept me sufficiently entertained in my downtime at work but it sure has me craving some sugary cereal.


the notorious bettie page.

saw the movie a year or 2 back but have been debating recently whether or not to cut my bangs in a similar fashion or keep on keepin on with my side bangs...


only slightly wishing i was there...

heres some photos from lolla last summer.
i loved that girl's back piece of the chi town skyline.


stumbled upon this wandering through lincoln park.

loafies, cupcakes, pies, tarts, loafs galore...

so can i just say.. uhhh YUM. sadly though the shop was on a short summer vacation and i didnt get to try any of the delicious treats, but next time im in lincoln park, you know where ill be headed.