el fin.

finally finished, but in typical artist fashion ill never feel like its finished.


la loteria.

learned how to play mexican bingo on christmas with the boyfriends family. fun stuff.


HIS and HERS acorn necklaces.

a custom order for his and hers acorn necklaces for christmas.


nashville #1.

from my fist visit out to nashville about a year ago.
dancin at foo bar.

playin dress up in the hotel room, wearin kats wig and a swearter that when i bought it one of the sales people at the vintage shop said i looked like a body building infant..

more playing in the hotel room, capturing kats levitation abilities.


if only i had 550 dollars to spare...

from floral art.


bow tie pasta bow tie.

just finished this lil experiment and i think it turned out well. but i learned i need to lacquer the hell out of em though because they after all are pasta.. and if any water gets in there it will expand and break through the metal.



going to the empty bottle tomorrow night to see my friend from college's band.
should be interesting seeing as i always went to their shows in people's houses or a local bar back in savannah, not half way across the country in chicago. but it's always a good time as seen below..


rough sketches.

working on a custom order for a set of HIS and HERS acorn necklaces.


progress report.

after starting to pencil in designs i feel the skull may be too small... 
i may need to add some things around the corners of the background, suggestions?


finished an order for a friend.

brass fish.

silver plated electro-formed acorns.

cast sterling pine cone.


thank you renegade and magnolia photo booth company.

such a darn cute idea. they had a booth set up with a bunch of props at the renegade holiday craft fair this past weekend.


CMYK 48.

one of my most favoritest friends, miss kat ryals, got those 2 top photos into the current issuse of CMYK and then more in the next one. check it out, you can find it at barnes and noble.
or check out her work at www.kryalsphotography.com


workin on x-mas presents.

beginning of a design for a future painting. i cant wait to start.


i may have a shoe obsession..

Osborn shoes.

Handmade in Guatemala, sweat-shop free, worker driven and brand focused.


the birthday party.

finally got hold of some of the unedited photos my friend Meg Snead took using some of my jewelry.
i love it and cant wait to see more.

PS check out my jewelry on etsy. CYBER MONDAY SALE.
today and tomorrow still.


sale sale sale.

cyber monday sale.

my jewelry on etsy is on sale saturday through cyber monday. check it out.


why UO why.

urban outfitters why must you sell such wonderful things that i just cant afford?...


an old piece.

from maybe 4 or so years back. 
when i started college id get bored when i couldnt sleep and id doodle.


front page on a website.

my fishies are on the slideshow on the front page of nativecleveland.com!

and theres a blog post on my work too!


tagged. bagged. and shipped.

my first collection of jewelry to be sold in a boutique is on its way there!
Native Cleveland is opening soon and i think ill need to take a road trip out there and check out the store and see my work in it!

check em out. coming soon at nativecleveland.com


putting new things in my shop.

finally.. now that work has settled down and ive got things for the boutique mostly done and ready to be sent out.


getting a collection finished for a boutique.

should have my work sent off to native cleveland by next week. my 1st work to be sold in a store!