moscow dogs.

i remember reading an article months ago but im still just as amazed.
in search of food stay dogs in moscow have learned to take the subway into busy parts of town in the morning and home at night.



christmas gifts.

my bank account is currently dwindling so i opted to make a few gifts and people always like homemade things best.


its a secret.

went to a wonderfully hidden bar last night. you open up the wall walk through a few curtains and into a swanky bar modeled after 20s era speakeasies. too cool.
ive walked past it before never knowing it was there.


twin rings.

i have managed to beat the heck out of my favorite silver ring (see all those scratches) so i decided maybe a bronze one would fair better.. we shall see.
the original silver one was hand carved out of wax then i just made a mold to make the bronze one.


youve got chainMAIL.

i now have an intense admiration and respect for noir jewelry who made an entire dress out of chainmaille.
im currently working on a project of my own. (photo below.)
the way i had it laid out made an interesting pattern.

strange but true.

"over the course of a lifetime the average woman ingests
SEVEN POUNDS of lipstick."


why is it always so intimidating?

a clean, blank, brand new, untouched sketchbook.
i keep putting off starting sketches for my senior collection due to a new sketchbook... and im running out of time.


light cans.

spray paint can lights. WANT.
designed by zek crew.
rings shall always remain my favorite item of jewelry.


jack BB dakota.

couldnt resist doing some shopping while down in Wicker Park.
too many fabulous vintage shops and boutiques there.
found this vest for less than half the price ive seen it anywhere online so i just couldnt pass it up.


digging for diamonds.

theres me a lookin.
me doin some diggin.
she found some cool rocks.
i took this one.
annnd this one.
these are again the work of the fabulous ms. kat ryals over at www.kryalsphotography.com.

no luck with the diamonds but i did find some beautiful jasper.


finishing what i started.

quick sketch of my idea.
final piece.
i think... my change it. my work is never finished..


charles bukowski.

"there is a time to stop reading. there is a time to stop trying to write. there is a time to kick the whole bloated sensation of art out on its whore-ass."

mini garage winery.

who wouldnt want to drink wine out of these?


channeling warmer weather.

photography from Burning Man 2009 by Hector Santizo.
i would love to make it out there someday.
and the desert is looking fabulous right now with all this snow weve been having.


Anna Lewis

beautiful jewelry and photography

they're creepy and they're kooky. mysterious and spooky. they're all together ooky...

the adams family.

saw the musical tonight. and it was fabbbbulous.
its based off of the original cartoon drawings. so funny. and nathan lane is hysterical.
"define normal..."



as ive been told before.. my jewelry is often a bit weird, which is how i like it.
i picked some chili peppers off my plant on my porch and cast them into silver and attached em to a mouthpiece i made to make fangs..