the birthday party.

finally got hold of some of the unedited photos my friend Meg Snead took using some of my jewelry.
i love it and cant wait to see more.

PS check out my jewelry on etsy. CYBER MONDAY SALE.
today and tomorrow still.


sale sale sale.

cyber monday sale.

my jewelry on etsy is on sale saturday through cyber monday. check it out.


why UO why.

urban outfitters why must you sell such wonderful things that i just cant afford?...


an old piece.

from maybe 4 or so years back. 
when i started college id get bored when i couldnt sleep and id doodle.


front page on a website.

my fishies are on the slideshow on the front page of nativecleveland.com!

and theres a blog post on my work too!


tagged. bagged. and shipped.

my first collection of jewelry to be sold in a boutique is on its way there!
Native Cleveland is opening soon and i think ill need to take a road trip out there and check out the store and see my work in it!

check em out. coming soon at nativecleveland.com


putting new things in my shop.

finally.. now that work has settled down and ive got things for the boutique mostly done and ready to be sent out.


getting a collection finished for a boutique.

should have my work sent off to native cleveland by next week. my 1st work to be sold in a store!


finally made my 1st etsy sale!

now i just need to get more pieces up in the shop.


SOFA chicago 2010

went downtown yesterday to see the last day of SOFA chicago down at navy pier. ive missed it the past 4 years being down in georgia for school but it was nice to finally check it out.

the sculptor nemo gould had some amazing kinetic robots, this one in particular.

steffen dam's glass works were amazing. these jellies were great and all his works have almost a sense of  victorian cabinets of curiosity to them, which is right up my alley.

always a fan of mixed media pieces, i found mathieu grodet's pieces so wonderful. also i love anything with a good skeleton.

and how could i resist mosaic baby sculptures.. betsy youngquist has quite an imagination.