one down.. many more to go.

its going to be a crazy 3.5 weeks trying to work on my collection but at least i have my doorplate brooch finished. also, the color in this photo sucks.

on friday i went to an entrepreneurial seminar/lecture thing and i have decided that somewhere down the road i for sure want to have my own business or work with a friend or two.


  1. Hey there, thanks for the comment! I love your jewellery!

    Lucy Laucht: Daily style & inspiration

  2. Anonymous18.2.10

    That looks really cool! Love that you made your own jewellery. As to owning to your own business, I once had a cafe with my friends! It was mad awesome (also mad tiring), but it's an experience everyone shd try at least once in their lives, I say! Thanks for dropping by my blog!