rob sheffield.

what is love? great minds have been grappling with this question through the ages, and in the modern era, they have come up with many different answers. according to the wester philosopher pat benatar, love is a battlefield. her paisan frank sinatra would add the corollary that love is a tender trap. the stoner kids who spent the summer of 1978 looking cool on the hoods of their trans ams in the pierce elementary school parking lot used to scare us little kids by blasting the sweet hit "love is like oxygen"- you get too much, you get too high, not enough and youre gonna die. love hurts. love stinks. love bites, love bleeds, love is the drug. the troubadours of our times all agree: they want to know what love is, and they want you to show them.

but the answer is simple. love is a mix tape.


  1. :)) The western philosopher, Pat Benatar. So funny, I really like that song and the message.
    I think that love means being comfortable around someone. Nothing more to it, you feel like you've known a person for decades and just connect.
    I prefer this kind of love rather than the crazy type, that is actually obsession if you think about it.